AUTHENTICALLY WED: Choosing a wedding venue by Kelly Golia

One of the top questions I've been getting from friends and clients alike is how to choose a wedding venue. It's without a doubt one of the most exciting, yet most overwhelming parts of wedding planning! After all, your venue will set the stage for your entire wedding, and it's so important that it's a reflection of you. I totally get it - there are hundreds (thousands, even!) of venues available out there, so to help break it down for you, I'm sharing my top tips for choosing your perfect venue.

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AUTHENTICALLY WED: Why is marriage hard? by Kelly Golia

You hear it all the time: marriage is hard work. Personally, any time I heard this in my first 26ish years of life, I wasn't quite sure what people meant by that. I always wondered, but never asked - probably because I felt like it was supposed to be obvious. Don't get me wrong, I completely understood that any relationship comes with its own unique set of challenges and compromises, but after living with Anthony for 2+ years before we got married, I couldn't understand how marriage might change the dynamic we had already begun to establish.

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