I’ve got to be honest, I’ve always loved every second of wrapping presents. Selecting the paper, the attention to detail, the accessorizing with ribbons and bows, and of course, the gift-giving itself. But the older I’ve gotten, the more I hear from friends and family that they hate wrapping! I can’t relate! I find the whole process to be calming, even meditative, and want to spread a little gift-wrapping love. That’s why I decided to pull together my top tips for wrapping gifts to make it easier, and hopefully a little more enjoyable for you! Happy gifting, friends!

  1. Less is more. I’m a huge fan of neutral papers like the white, kraft, and red colors pictured. Not only do they work for anyone on your list, they can be customized with accessories to match the personalities of whoever you’re giving to! Bonus: The way they’ll look under your tree will feel so classic, you’ll be basking in Christmas nostalgia all season long.

  2. Measure twice, cut once. Before you cut a single piece of wrapping paper, place the gift on top of it. If the gift is oddly shaped, repurpose a cardboard box (or purchase a gift box from a store) to keep things simple - it’s not worth the struggle to try and wrap something tricky! Wrap the paper around your item with at least 2-3 inches of overlap. Make sure the paper covers at least half way up the sides of the item. This will ensure you have plenty of paper to cover your entire gift

  3. Keep it crisp. Fold and crease the paper to create a clean line wherever the seams will be visible. I use a bone folder that I had leftover from a college book-making project, but you could use a credit card or similar item to push down on the crease and make sure folds are extra crisp. Also, use double stick tape where possible so that tape isn’t visible. These simple steps are really going to elevate the clean look of your wrap job! I promise!

  4. Embellish! At any given time, I have a handful of spools of ribbon ready to go for gift wrapping. Different ribbons and bows are the perfect way to bring personality to your gifts and to customize those neutral papers depending on the person you’re gifting to. If you’re a wrapping minimalist like me, a simple white string goes a long way.

  5. Make it personal. Add on a tag with the recipient’s name, or write their name directly onto the paper in your own hand lettering (if you’re feeling crafty!). Add on an item that has some sort of meaning to them, like an ornament representing their favorite city or a pressed version of their favorite flower.

The possibilities are truly endless, so have fun with it and remember that gift wrapping can be fun, calming, and ultimately about giving something special to someone you love!