DIY: Hand-Painted Terra Cotta Coasters / by Kelly Golia

One of my favorite days of the year, by far, is Cinco de Mayo. After all, it combines all of my favorite things: food, fun, and fiestas! Gabi of By Gabriella and I had a ton of fun throwing our own little Cinco de Mayo inspired party, which you can see more of here. We combined plenty of bright colors with savory snacks, the most festive coconut cocktail, and of course invited all of our most prickly cacti friends along for the celebration.

But my favorite part? These versatile DIY Mexican-Blanket inspired coasters. What started as just a coaster quickly became the cutest little serving plate, too. Plus, it made a fantastic hostess gift for my favorite party companion, Gabi! The best part by far is that they couldn't be easier to make. Read on to create your own!


What you'll need:

  • 4 terra cotta saucers (4" should do the trick)
  • Craft Paint (I used Martha Stewart satin in black, light grey, and four of my favorite vibrant colors)
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Painter's tape (I found that a semi-translucent white tape worked best)


1. I found it easiest to paint layer by layer. Tape off one large rectangle on the base of each saucer. Paint the light grey color within the rectangle. Let dry, and remove tape.

2. Add two thin stripes of grey paint parallel to and equidistant from the rectangle you created.

3. Repeat steps one and two with your colored paint on top of the grey paint, using a smaller rectangle. 

4. Repeat steps one and two with your black paint on top of the colored paint, using an even smaller rectangle.

5. Let dry, remove any remaining tape, and you've got yourself the cutest little set of coasters, plates, or whatever you choose to use them for!

Remember, practice makes perfect! Try testing your Mexican blanket pattern on a piece of paper or cardboard before applying to your terra cotta. This DIY is all about spacing, and a little bit of patience doesn't hurt either! If you ask us, the end result is totally worth it. Enjoy!

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