DESIGN: The Styled Shoot Inspiration / by Kelly Golia

If there's one word that I'd choose to define my life, my business, and my experiences, it's this:


Mostly, I want to be inspired. I want to find inspiration in every detail of every day , from short walks through our neighborhood to adventures in new cities. From sights and sounds and tastes and smells to everything in between. 

But also, I want to inspire! I want to create in a way that feels authentic and original. In an industry where it's so easy to get caught up in what's trendy and Pinterest-worthy, I think a lot of creatives (myself included) struggle to create something new and unique.

What better outlet to flex those creative muscles than a styled shoot? This was an opportunity for me to try to define my own style. After all, it was my first official creative endeavor as Kelly Golia, Event Planner & Designer! 

I started by tapping into something that has always fascinated me: honey bees. From the intricate systems of their hives, to honeycomb-patterned perfection, to the fact that they create honey, I am so in awe of them. THEY MAKE HONEY, YOU GUYS. It blows my mind. As if that's not mind-boggling enough, let's remember: honey is the only food that never expires.

Sounds like a perfect metaphor for love to me!

So there you have it. Honey was the inspiration. To me, that meant breaking down the elements (colors, shapes, textures, etc.) that related to honey and resonated with me, personally. When I pull inspiration from somewhere, I try really heard not to google it or look up something similar on Pinterest. I never want my own creative process to be tainted by something I've seen somewhere else (though trust me, it's temping with so many beautiful sources of inspiration to choose from!). I pick apart every detail of what inspires me, in this case honey & bees, and use that to guide my vision.


Once I had chosen honey as my inspiration, I knew I wanted to use natural elements, deep yellows, and hexagon shapes to mimic honeycomb without being too obvious or in your face. From the florals, to the stationery, to the honeycomb placecards, you'll find that these elements inspired the overall color palette, look and feel, and details throughout this shoot.

I absolutely love using this approach to the creative process, and I think that pulling inspiration from nature, travel, experiences - this list goes on! - instead of a Pinterest board makes for even more authentic and unique designs. I'm thrilled with how the vision came to life for this styled shoot, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else will inspire me throughout this journey. Now I want to know... what inspires YOU?